January Update

The first month of 2018 was by far my business's biggest month to date.  My home run last month was a big break in Facebook Advertising, and I discovered a way to purchase website traffic much cheaper than the vast majority of other marketers. The type of ad I was running is called a story ad, and the story ads have much higher Click Through Rates, (which is the percentage of people who see the advertisement and click the offered link), than other ad types. Also, the CPM, (Cost per 1,000 impressions), was about 70% lower than the average for Facebook ads. This deadly marketing campaign combined with a hot product with a 70% margin, lead to many sales, and lots of profit. January of 2018 ended up with 887 sales, with an average order value of $20.70. With total costs, my profit margin for last month was 44.15%. Although last month was incredible, my ads have become 40% more expensive this month, and if you do the math, that means that I am running break-even on the front end; which is not a bad thing.  Breaking on the front end says that I am acquiring customers and leads for free, therefore making my customer acquisition cost zero.  After the first purchase would be where all of the profit comes. 
      I have recently hired some people for Supreme Pride Store. I now have a part-time assistant and customer service representative. Her name is Joyce, and she works remotely from the Philippines. She also fulfills all of my drop shipping orders day to day.  Having her frees up two hours or so from my daily workload, which helps. But the time which has been taken is now occupied with other tasks. I've also hired a designer and a graphics designer to help to work on new print on demand t-shirt designs for my store. Soon, I will also be hiring a freelance photographer for photos to make my website, and product pages more professional.

Jake Blanchfield