Life of a High Schooler in Business

Being an entrepreneur in high school is chaos. The school work and well as the business work is a crazy combination. Also balancing my out-of-school time has shown to be difficult as well. I've decided to also pick up tennis this spring, which is a decision that I am still grappling with. Everything hour that is not spent on my business is an hour that I am losing money and business knowledge. There is a direct correlation between times spent working and my acceleration and understanding of business. One part of me wants to work eight hours a day and to accelerate in business as fast as I can, and another part wants to be reasonable. I still do not know what the answer to my question is, and I have a feeling that the answer will take some time to form.
     On a different note my business, Supreme Pride Store, has gone through some huge changes. I have completely taken off Chinese dropshipping off of the store, and I have stopped doing Free + Shipping offers. I have grappled with these two decisions for many months and after attending Traffic and Conversion Summit the answer became clear. Time and time again speakers spoke about how important it is that a business has a great product, and Chinese drop shipping does not offer a great product. Shipping times are three weeks, and the products are cheap. So I've decided to only do "Print-On-Demand" for now on. Print on demand is very similar to drop shipping but is much better. Print on demand consists of a third party "printing" designs on a variety of products and shipping it to a customer on the drop shipper's behalf. Products range from, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, to Jewelry, Wall Art, and I-Phone cases. Also, the products are design-oriented, which means that one cannot come around and start selling the same design, unlike Chinese drop-shipping. 
 The other big twist that I have taken on Supreme Pride is that I am no longer doing Free + Shipping offers. I've decided to take this big turn because of advice from Ezra Firestone, Ceo of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. He does not like to do free + shipping campaigns because the campaigns often attract the wrong type of customer. Customers which engage with a brand because the product is "free" oftentimes have no interest in the brand itself, but the free product. In my opinion, I will become a much better marketer if I put all of my focus into selling retail products. Also, free + shipping and the Chinese dropshipping combination is probably the worst combination ever for customer retention.

Jake Blanchfield