Traffic And Conversion Summit Opening

The opening keynote for Traffic and Conversion Summit 2018 was presented by Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer, he played out the future of digital marketing to the overly packed ballroom. His first big point was that "Communication is the new conversion." Digital marketing has become an almost completely automatic process, oftentimes without any communication between humans. Many consumers are getting fed up with the automation. Websites and online storefronts have no human touch, and there are many aspects of digital marketing that could benefit from live communication from person to person. With live conversation, one can build a relationship quickly and can direct the customer in the right direction. His next big point was that "Community is the new brand.", Mr. Deiss. Went on to talk about how important it is for a brand to grow a community of people. Also, it is important for a brand to build a movement. He was also speaking of brands, "Building their own amazon prime." Mr. Deiss was big on creating a year to year continuity system for a business and giving the customer many benefits. A continuity system gives the buyer a reason to happily purchase more, and pay for the membership. Deiss's third point was that "The customer is the new power broker." Brands must learn to compete in a world in infinite supply where the customer has all the power. With everything available on Amazon and huge social media empires, a modern-day business needs to focus on the customer, because focusing on just the product is now not enough. The last remark explained to the pool of marketers was that as the business, we play the role as the heroic guide to the customer, not the hero. It's important to know the customer and the journey that they are on and to help guide them to their destination with products and services.

Jake Blanchfield