Ezra Firestone's Keynote at Traffic and Conversion Summit 2018

  One of the main reasons I attended the conference, was because of a man named Ezra Firestone, who presented at the conference. Ezra is the CEO of many physical product businesses and has been in e-commerce for about a decade. Most notably he owns Boom By Cindy Joseph, which is a pro-age business that sells cosmetic products to woman over fifty. I have followed Ezra for the past few months, although he is not a very big name in the social media space, he is known by those who really know what they're talking about. His first keynote was on, "The 6 Day Double Down." The keynote was on email marketing for e-commerce, where he briefly showed some of the stuff he was doing for sales campaigns for Boom. He explained in his presentation that about 30% of the total revenue for his business came from email marketing, and that should be the same for all e-commerce businesses. Ezra also gave one of the best one-sentence synopsis of what e-commerce business is, stating, "Your business is a group of people sharing a similar experience and different communication mediums." The two biggest communication mediums being email and ads. As a marketer, I can communicate with customers and potential customers via email and paid advertisements. Mr. Firestone spoke about advertising and informing customers and potential customers on sales which his e-commerce store runs. Whenever Ezra runs his advertisements, he always makes sure to also provide content. He always speaks on the notion of, "Content and Commerce." Ezra explained during his keynote that as long as you use content which resonates with the audience when you reach out to them, you can email and advertise to the audience a lot and often. He explained him, "6 Day Double Down", where he introduces a sale, shows the unique selling proposition of the product, introduces a deadline, gives content and 3rd party testimonials, introduces scarcity, and at the end gives a hard deadline. That entire sequence can be built up to as much as 20 emails in 6 days. Which seems like too many emails to send, but he explained that the average person has 1000 emails in their inbox unopened and that there is no such thing as sending too many emails, as long as they give value and intrigue to the audience.

Jake Blanchfield