Contacted By Venture Capitalist

Roughly three weeks ago, I listed my E-commerce store on the Shopify Exchange, a platform where people can buy and sell e-commerce businesses. I placed it on the market because I am pivoting my focus into my new business, and I do not have anyone to put into Supreme Pride Store to run it. Also, having some capital going into my next venture would be very beneficial and give me more cushion. However, I was not worried if I sell it or if I do not sell it because the email list is strong and provides about $1000 of free cash flow per month, with only sending an email campaign.

On Monday, August, 28, I received a message from a man that simply said, “I am interested in acquiring your business.” I instantly typed his name into Google to see if he was legit. Immediately, pages came up, the first I saw was a page that showed that he owned 5 different businesses and is Venture Capitalist. I instantly messaged him back, added his Skype, and jumped onto a Skype call with him. On the call, he asked me a few basic questions regarding the business. I replied with good answers he then asked my asking price, and he told me that he is going to meet with his team on Friday and talk about acquiring my business. Then he asked for me to put some stuff together to show his team when they met.

At this point, I decided to over deliver. If I was a venture capitalist I would want to know all of the ins and the outs of the business that I am about to buy so I can truly understand it and know that the risk is minimal. Also, I have a lot of stuff to show off about my store, and I wanted to explain to them how amazing the LGBTQ market is. After hearing the news, I rushed to my office and began to put together a powerpoint which hits on all of the elements of my business. I spent a good nine hours altogether on, making the slides, recording my voiceover, and uploading the video. I gave it my all. Even if the deal goes through, I will know that I did absolutely everything I could.

Jake Blanchfield