My fingers trembled on the mouse before I clicked the button. This button gave away full ownership of my first online business. My blood, sweat, and tears all given to someone else. For the last month, I’ve gone back and forth with a venture capitalist who is looking to acquire my business. We did days and days of negotiating until we reached a deal a few days ago. We agreed on a number, and I asked for one extra thing, a college recommendation letter.

I’ve been speaking to this man so much that he knows a lot about me, and who else would be better to have written a recommendation letter that the person who bought my business? After I pressed the button, a weird feeling came about, I was not sure what to do. I had just lost my baby. For the next day, I walked the halls in shock. Now, I am on a new path in a new, much more daunting business. I am looking forward to jumping right into selling information products; although, I do have doubts. I am certain that I will eventually get over these limiting beliefs, and once I do, It will be off the races.

Jake Blanchfield