MBTI Personality Traits Test

Countless times I have been asked by friends and business professionals to do a Briggs or (MBTI) personality test. The MBTI test is one for the most well known and well tested personality tests on the market, plus, it is free. I feel that everyone should take a personality test like this, because everyone can learn more themselves. As someone who participates in business, it is important to look at a personality test to see one’s strengths and weaknesses. One things that is very important to remember about a personality test that it is it is not set in stone, and one has the ability to push through certain parts of their personalities. For example, one who is introverted may have issues with the selling portion of business; although, they can overcome that and turn on their extraverted path when they need to.

I received the personality type ENTP, which is known as “The Debater”. There are eight different core personality traits, there are eight different personality traits that are broken into four kinds traits and four opposing traits. First, the “E” in ENTP signifies extroverted, which is the state in which people feel comfortable with socializing with people. The “N” signifies, intuitive, random, and no rules, which is a very common trait for creative thinking and also not following the crowd. Third, the T signifies, thinking, logical, and rational, which is well known for one that thinks with one’s knowledge instead of letting emotion cloud vision. Also, I have realized myself that I am not the most emotional. Lastly the “P” means perceiving and indecisive, which means it is hard for one to make up one’s mind. The P trait is very dangerous in business, because if one does not stick to one thing and or get started, they will never see the exponential returns that come with time.

After searching online, I have come to notice that ENTP’s make up about 2% of the population, and are well known to be the best suited for entrepreneurship. However, it is really good to know that I have many disadvantages that need to be accounted for. Each trait has good and bad things about them, and it is important that one figures out how to take care of one’s disadvantages as much as they follow their advantages.

Jake Blanchfield