The Ship

Participation in the program will require two full years of supervised and directed study during the Junior and Senior years.

At the end of the senior year, upon completion of the program, each scholar will be given special recognition on both the official transcript and the diploma. He or she will also be recognized at the graduation ceremony.

Because of the rigor of the program and the desire to maintain its intensity, a student will not receive recognition for finishing only part of the program, and won’t be allowed to enter as a senior. A large part of the program is full commitment.

All Scholars will be required to take only 5 traditional courses each year so that they will have the time to do the work necessary to complete the program. This is particularly essential if the student is involved in extracurricular activities.

One period per class day will be dedicated to doing Odyssey work on campus, or students will have special permission to leave campus during free periods to do interviews, observations and “hands-on” activities related to their projects. Students will receive ½ credit per semester for the Odyssey Program.

All work done in each of the 4 semesters will culminate in a final project and thesis discussion before a committee of teachers and community members.