The Shore


Final Research Project

    Each scholar will prepare a final project on the research that they have done over the two years that they are involved in the program.  This project will directly respond to the thesis and provide an answer to their essential question.  The project can be in a variety of formats (i.e., research paper, extended lab, novel, book of poetry, full-length performance piece, gallery showing, etc.)  

Thesis Conversation  

·    At the end of the two year period, scholars will prepare a public presentation that will be in the form of a “thesis conversation.”  It will be the student’s responsibility to compose a committee of 5 adults for this purpose.  This committee must consist of a combination of  faculty and professionals who are experts in the chosen field. For the thesis conversation, each scholar must:

·    Provide each of the committee members a copy of their research paper, or a video documentary of their entire project.

·    Present the final product of the thesis  (an object, a piece of art, a performance, an app, a book of poetry, a design,etc.) to the chosen committee.

·    Answer any questions that the committee brings to the defense.