My first month in Odyssey

During my first month in Odyssey I wasn't sure where to start. I had written numerous script outlines and replayed over and over in my mind what I wanted to accomplish with these, but something was missing. So I decided to change what I had been doing and start small. I began scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat and was overwhelmed by the amount of posts captioned “I hate my life” or “I wanna die”. It was something we’ve all been seeing for years. So commonly in fact that when we begin to see it now we simply laugh in agreement and continue scrolling. It is hard to know what to do in so many of these situations because though it appears to be a joke, and so often is, you never really know. How do we distinguish the jokes and harmless comments from the cries for help? I feel this is a big issue in our society because it keeps us from seeing when someone might really need help. To build off this, I watched the documentary Not Alone. It expanded on this view and many more. I began writing outlines as well as a timeline of evens before and after my friend passed away. This helped me structure my script more, and helped me stay in tune with how events unfolded during all of this. I found it difficult to dive into writing the script, because to me it felt so emotionless and lacking. Because of this, I chose to begin writing it like a book first. This helped me feel more connected to this piece, and truly put myself back in the place that my life was last year. My next step was to find out more on how to properly write a short story. I watched online classes led by successful celebrities on how to execute this, and combined their tips with my own. I must’ve torn out 15 pages of what I had written, and over and over I tried to improve my work to accomplish my goal. The process itself became tedious and frustrating, but all of the rough drafts are what will hopefully perfect my work. I wanted to get some tips from someone who has more experience in this topic, so I called my cousin Timur Bootzin. His stort film “Hermanos” had just come out and was airing on TV that night. I asked him if he knew anyone that I could interview to get a professional viewpoint on my topic, and I was so excited to hear that he could try to get me an interview with Mark Ruffalo. His parents had filmed a movie with Mark in it a few years back, and had a pretty good relationship with this actor. All of this made for a very overwhelming month, but more than that I am super exited to dig deeper into my topic and watch it grow. 

Zoe CrouchComment